1. I am solely responsible for my personal possessions and all related equipment during the event.

2. I am aware of the potential risks associated with participating in the BEARMAN Xtreme Triathlon, and undertake this event at my own risk.

3. I am aware that all roads are open to public and traffic and must therefore adhere strictly to standard highway legislation.

4. All individual athletes will need a valid licence from their national triathlon federation, to be presented during registration.

5. I confirm that I am medically and physically able to complete in this LD Triathlon event.

6. I confirm that all my equipment is in sound working order and am aware the race officials can withdraw me at any point should this not be the case.

7. I have read and understood the course maps, and take full responsibility for following the correct routes.

8. I may be removed from the race at any point in time if I do not make the stated cut off points or if race / medical officials deem me unable to complete the event.

9. I grant BEARMAN EVENTS and SANCTURE SPORTIFS full permission to use free of charge any photos and / or film taken of me and/or my friends, family and supporters prior/during or directly following the event. For use in promotion of the event in print and / or video via web and all forms of social media or TV and video. 

10. I have read and agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the organisers of the BEARMAN, the FFTRI and the ITU.

11. I accept to be subject to random doping testing by FFTRI and acknowledge that use of any prohibited methods and substances included in the WADA List of Prohibited Substances and Methods is forbidden.

12. I am aware that In the event of a race cancellation due to a severe weather conditions or any other “Acts of God”, my entry fee is non-refundable.

13. I indemnifie the organization against any claims that could possibly result from participation in the BEARMAN event.

14. I acknowledge that the organisation have the right to change the course at any time for safety reasons.