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What is the ‘Trophée de la Vaillance’ and how can you win?

It’s a special trophy that is issued to an athlete with a special story, someone who shows great courage, somebody who deserves it.

You can enter, or somebody else can put your name forward, by telling us why you should be considered for this trophy. Please email the details to Michelle – – no later than the Wednesday before the event. Our panel of judges will decide on the winner.

The Background

“My wife Chris loved this area of France and came here as often as possible. She was also very active and would take every opportunity to go for a run, a swim or bike ride. She worked out most days even though she was not a natural athlete. From time to time she would enter competitions, 5 or 10k runs and the occasional sprint triathlon.

Entering events just for the pleasure of taking part with no chance of winning was something she enjoyed. Despite all the effort put into training and keeping fit she was never competitive but she always put everything she had into it. There was a stubborn pride in getting the task done.

After spending the summer of 2016 here in Amelie Les Bains Chris was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. She had major surgery over Christmas 2016 which curtailed any training for months while she recovered. She started chemotherapy in February last year and started jogging and swimming again.

Sadly she lost her battle with cancer just over one year ago, in September. But right up to the end she fought valiantly to stay as fit as possible. The effort she put in against all the odds was enormous and displayed not only courage but great endeavour.”

Trophée de la Vaillance Winners

2021, in memory of NICOLAS ABLAIN. “You will always be part of our history”

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