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Project 8848


Congratulations, your entry into the hardest one day triathlon in the world, has been successful (see essential info below).


In order to accept this invitation, there are just two simple steps.
1/ Make your 200€ payment by clicking the PayPal link (Your Sunday Meal is included). 
2/ Please Post the image below with the following text to your FB and/or Instagram page. 






– Between  14H – 18H Friday 15th September.

– At the start of this RACE week you will have received the exact routes for the bike and run section and position of BASE camps via email.

– On the Friday you must REGISTER THE NAME, MOBILE NUMBER and VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER of your nominated support member(s).



– Start time is 6H30  –  Saturday 16th September.

– The Swim is 3.8KM.

– You will have a designated area in T1 at the Lake and share the depart with BEARMAN XXL.

– The swim is three loops.

– You will pick up your GPS at the swim exit.



– The Bike leg distance is 170KM /200KM  ( ref Strava / Komoot)

– The Bike elevation is  4500m / 6500m (ref Strava / Komoot)

– DANGER ZONE: this is one stretch of road where you will complete MULTIPLE climbs.

– BASE CAMP 1: is situated in this Danger Zone. Your nominated assistant is responsable for making sure all your race affairs (food, clothing etc) are here. 

– You are not allowed to be accompanied by a fellow cyclist throughout the DANGER ZONE.

– Your support crew will be allowed to help, feed, encourage you in BASE CAMP 1.

– It is essential that your bike is in sound working order and you have fully working breaks and some form of lighting. We recommend disk breaks.

– The cut off for safety reasons is 15hrs ie you will need to complete the bike segment of the course by 21H30.

– T1 and  T2 remain the same as the XXL and HALF 

Base CAMP 2  (location announced in RACE WEEK ). Fellow runner – or runners allowed (only one at any given time). 


– The Run leg distance is 25KM /45KM (ref Strava / Komoot).

– The Run elevation is 4000m / 5000m (ref Strava / Komoot).

– DEATH ZONE: This is one stretch of road , repeated MULTIPLE times.

 – BASE CAMP 2 is situated at a strategic point of the run course, and will be passed multiple times .

– The Run route is almost entirely trail so trail shoes are recommended. 

– One assistant must be with you or at Base Camp 2 at all times (this assistant is there for safety and moral support – they are not allowed to pull / push you at any point). 

– You must have a head or body torch and carry one mobile between you.

– Your support crew will be allowed to help, feed, encourage you in BASE CAMP 2.

– The Finish is the same as for the XXL and HALF . 

– You have 22H to get there. 

– We will be waiting.

Although the ultimate goal is to complete the course in 22 hours, most of you won’t. You will however have confronted your impossible.

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