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Project 8848


28 people, 22 hours, +8848m of elevation.

“The hardest triathlon on Planet Earth”

This journey is made for those of you who truly want to discover your limits, for those willing to suffer whilst nobody is watching and for those who have nothing to prove.


Few are invited to start this Journey (only Bearman Finishers) and even fewer will finish. This particular BEARMAN “Experience” is not validated by the FFTRI as it is “OUTSIDE THE BOX”.

To be considered, you will need simply your full name, your original dossard number and your year of BEARMAN competition. We will then contact you with all the details in the New Year. Only do this if you have already completed the BEARMAN XXL in previous years.

If your application is successful there will be an entrance fee of 200€ (there is no payment required at this stage).

8848: The Basics
  • Both the bike and the run will include a loop that shall be completed numerous times.
  • The loop is made to break you down, both mentally and physically.
  • Each athlete will be obliged to register a “friend or two with more common sense than you” in order to support your surreal attempt of reaching 8848m in 22h.
  • Your support crew will have to stay at a fixed point Base Camp 1 for the bike. For the run they can stay at Base Camp 2, or accompany you for some or all of the run, they must carry a phone at all times.
  • Although the goal is to complete the course in 22 hours, most of you won’t. From a safety point of view, you will be asked to stop and hand in your race chip and number. You may not be an official finisher and therefore  likely won’t have a fancy finishers picture to brag about but you would have earned respect for trying. Our respect that is.
  • For the few athletes who will conquer this race, a local handmade Catalan knife will be awarded as a sign of courage and heart. We believe that those who can endure this event can now take on anything in life without fear. This knife is not a prize, it is a gift from us to you that you will keep for the rest of your life.
  • In Anglo-Saxon culture, knives were particularly important in death. After a person died, they were buried with a knife so as to not be left defenceless in the afterlife.
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